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Last Week’s TV Shows that turned Tombstones

This week opened with NBC’s new and yet more pronounced these days ‘Blindspot’ where Jane is starting to build her connection with the real world, though every episode brings a fresh element from Jane’s Memories and flashy tattoos, this week was more of a love side angle.

Meanwhile ‘Gotham’ is starting to see something more deadly, more dangerous villains with each passing episode this season. With this week’s ‘Rise of the Villains: By Fire’ Gotham is gearing up to something new, something potential characters whose roles could play a vital role in Bruce and Wayne Enterprises. Bruce and Alfred are back in their Secret Cave and Practicing real hard for martial arts kick boxing where one would think why this child is getting real trouble at such a small age. Watching TV Shows Online at Couchtuner was never so fun, so drop by and discuss your favorite picks of this week.

‘The Flash’ announces the hunt for new firestorm. With Professor Stein’s life on the stake, Barry and Co. are finding real hard to look for a replacement for the spectacled smarty. With Dr Henry Hewitt out of the way and Firestorm restored to its former fervor, Professor Stein said his goodbyes to Team Labs

‘Arrow’ this week was like its title completely, ‘Beyond Redemption’. With Lance learning Sara is back and throwing her out saying “It’s not back … it’s not my daughter”. He’s facing the worst situations a father could imagine, this put Oliver and the gang to a new threat. Oliver soon learns Quentin dealings with Damien Darhk extends far beyond the redemption. Tune into your favorite hot spot to watch series online only at Couch Tuner: TV Videos Free.

The Walking dead Season 6 Episode 4 “Here’s not HereW” aired last night. Till now, the episode grabs a rating of 9.0 on IMDB, with an expectation of maintaining it. This week, The Walking Dead had John Carroll Lynch as guest star who was also seen in Fargo, American Horror Story, and another dozen major movies and TV shows. The episode showcases an answer to Morgan’s pacifist approach to survival. As he takes on the walkers, he also outruns two human pursuers, choking life out of one with bare hands and striking other through the neck with a spear. He does all he can do i.e. clear.

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While on ‘The bear and the bow’ Season 6 Episode 5 of ‘Once upon a time’ Arthur continued to prove he wasn’t the world’s most trustworthy member of the Scooby gang. Merdia, after she split from Emma in seasons premiere, is captured and taken to Arthur’s dungeon. While rescuing Lancelot, Merlin and the Storybrooke gang breaks in and finds Merdia. Later, Merdia seeks Belle’s help to save her brothers. Merida thinks she isn’t strong enough to take on the clans by herself, while Belle’s convinced she doesn’t need magic and that the Merdia is too brave of person, and all she need is to trust in herself so she can make her fate with own.
In Quantico, instead of throwing mysteries into the mazes, “The God” – Episode 6 of the freshman show, was about giving answers, although quite a few but not enough to satisfy. A lot of mating up is seen in the episode, as everyone seems not to worry of getting caught disobeying the rules. Alex and ryan, Shelby and Caleb, Raina and Simon get hooked up. Under Surveillance training, Miranda asks class to investigate her for the day and find out her evening plans, following which Alex and Ryan checks Miranda’s house where she over hears Agent Booth spilling the beans about Alex’s investigation. Later, Simon visits Nimah’s room only to his surprise of twin secret. Do Check for previous episodes of ‘Quantico’ Continue reading